Why You Need Google Site Kit For Your WordPress Site

By December 28, 2020Marketing, Technical
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Google Site Kit is the official Google plugin for WordPress. It helps you better understand how many visitors your site is getting, and how they are finding your site. It makes it simple to connect your site with a suite of Google services, such as AdSense, Analytics, and Search Console. Pagespeed Insights allow you to easily see how fast your pages load on both mobile and desktop and give you helpful information as to how to decrease your site’s load times. Google Site Kit is the premier Google plugin for WordPress.

Google Site Kit Integrations

Google Site Kit AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

Google Analytics has easily become the standard in analytics for websites. The sheer amount of data they are able to collect about your visitors, how they got to your site, and what they visited there is crazy. The Analytics dashboard on Google Site Kit gives you a brief overview of your site’s statistics. These include visitors, sessions, bounce rate, and session duration over 28 days. It also shows you your best performing content and the top acquisition channels over the last 28 days. These are very useful and important stats to use when deciding what next needs work on your site. For example, if your acquisition for social is at 60% and you have plenty of users, it may be time to put some more resources into search engine optimization to increase organic traffic.

Google Site Kit Search ConsoleSearch Console on Google Site Kit

Search Console is a unique Google tool, in that it allows you to easily track clicks and impressions on Google’s search results. You can also travel to the Search Console site to upload sitemaps for easy and quick indexing of your posts. The dashboard provides quick glance data that gives an indication of the search health of your website. Some of the statistics provided are total clicks, total impressions, the average click-through rate, and average position in search results. They also provide the top ten search terms your site has appeared in with the number of clicks and impressions.


Google Site Kit makes it simple to connect your website to AdSense. Once connected, the plugin will automatically add the required code snippet to your website for you. And that’s all there is to it. Site Kit is probably the simplest way to connect your site to AdSense.

Google Site Kit Page Speed InsightsPageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights by Google is a vital resource that tells you how fast content gets loaded on both mobile devices and desktops, as well as how stable that content is. It even provides recommendations as to how to improve your sites, such as removing unused javascript and unused CSS. PageSpeed in Google Site Kit provides valuable information about your page speed at quick glance and provides you with ways to improve it.


Google Optimize allows you to run tests to better understand how users interact with your site. You can set up A/B tests that compare the performance of two different pages or even sections within a page. You can also personalize your page depending on if a target visitor is viewing it.

Why Choose Google Site Kit?

Google Site Kit is the easiest way to integrate the Google Suite of website services into your site. Once connected, the plugin will automatically add the code snippets onto all of your pages, nothing extra required. That and the dashboard that provides the information you regularly need makes it almost a necessity for your WordPress site.

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