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About GearSite

The Gearsite team came together in 2013 when our founder, Ervin, and his mentee, Cole, decided that they wanted to open a web design business. The pair didn’t know much about web development, but had a strong background in graphic design and other general areas. They decided to learn what they could about creating websites.

After many late nights learning and collaborating in a basement, they eventually acquired the skills to build the websites and apps they had imagined.  They were fueled by the excitement and passion of being able to craft something wonderful from just a few lines of code. The team furthered their design skills and coding abilities with each passing client. After several years of experience working with small to medium sized businesses, they had eventually gotten around to moving out of the basement workshop, and into the office they have today, located in downtown Waterloo.

About The Owner

When Ervin Sabic was 10 he had began designing video games and playing with a map editor that came with a game called “Neverwinter Nights”. He made a snake game using the BASIC programming language, and had been playing with Photoshop. By 13, Ervin had developed a full 3d game using his Programming, Photoshop, and Design skills. He was featured on KWWL’s “Someone You Should Know” segment. Ervin had eventually learned to design and develop websites. With his design skills and newly acquired web development skills, he created the company “GearSite”. The purpose of the company was to support the local businesses in his area. Before GearSite, Ervin had received praise for his work in graphic design. This led to the skills necessary for him to pursue supporting this field with passion.