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It isn’t all about looks. Creating a user-friendly and innovate site is only the first step. Proper exposure is critical to improving your online presence and maximizing your potential customers. Allowing for better lead generation and subsequently increasing revenue for your company.

Search Engine Optimization

It Pays to be First in Line

According to data, less than ten percent of potential customers advance to the second page of google, while a third of users choose the first organic result, ringing in the phrase, “If you’re not first, you’re last.” SEO is critical to getting to the first page of Google, and getting you the business you need.

By the Numbers

Why you Should Care about SEO

It may seem like the second page of Google is adequate, but it seems like the data tends to disagree. Being on the first page is essential to increase traffic and sales, and increased SEO is especially relevant to accomplishing that goal.


Percent of Users Who Choose the Top Three Results


Percent of Users Who Don’t Go Past the First Page


Percent of Users Who Choose the Top Ranked Result

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We understand how to make the most out of your site's content and as a result, achieve a higher amount of web traffic.

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We adapt our sites to fit any business and in doing so, can increase sales and boost customer satisfaction.

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GearSite offers all of our services on both a local and international level. We provide high-quality search engine optimizations services for Iowa businesses both small and large. If you would like to boost your SEO in Pennsylvania, Texas, or even as far away as Sweden, we can help.

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