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By December 29, 2020Business, Marketing
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Starting A WordPress Blog With GearSite Featured ImagePlenty of people have tried starting a WordPress blog, but the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is the right support. GearSite is here to help you when you’re first starting out with a WordPress blog. We know what plugins, themes, and page builders you need to launch your blog the right way. We can even help you create the basic pages your blog will need and guide you through creating posts, post categories, and how to best organize your blog.

Best Plugins for Starting a WordPress Blog

When you first start out with your blog, you’ll need some plugins to get started. Not all of these are strictly necessary, but they all provide a great service that will only work to help your WordPress blog.

Yoast SEO

Yoast is a search engine optimization plugin we use all the time at GearSite. It provides decent results without having to purchase a pro package, so it’s great for those first starting out. Yoast makes it easy to edit your post’s meta description and title. It also provides helpful feedback and suggestions on how to improve both the SEO and readability of the post. Definitely a must for starting a WordPress blog.

Google Site Kit

Google Site Kit is the simplest way to connect your site to Google Analytics, Search Console, and AdSense. The dashboard provides all of the helpful stats you will need to make informed decisions on the direction of your site. Pagespeed Insights can also give you helpful suggestions on how to improve your blog’s load times and content stability. All in all, Google Site Kit is an important asset when starting a WordPress blog.

Some Choice Blog Themes for WordPress

The best way to present your site to visitors is with a premium WordPress theme. We will work with you to find the best theme for your website, whether it’s one listed below, or one we have to search a little harder for.Belinni Theme For Starting A WordPress Blog


Belinni – Multi-Concept Blog / Magazine Theme

Belinni is a pretty great minimalist modern theme for your WordPress Blog. With loads of customization options, it’s pretty easy to make your site look and feel like your own. The individual posts look amazing, and the sidebar is widgetized so as to be simple to edit.

Aisla ThemeAilsa – Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Ailsa makes it incredibly simple for readers to find your recent posts. The theme comes with a great header menu out of the box, which is not true for every theme. Ailsa makes a great statement on mobile and comes with plenty of features for the sidebar.

Visual Composer, Our Favorite Page Builder

Visual Composer is the page builder we use the most at GearSite. It’s simple and intuitive front-end editor makes it easy to create high-quality pages for your site. While not necessary for your posts or post-collection pages, Visual Composer works great for about us pages, contact pages, and the like.

GearSite can do a lot for you if you’re starting a WordPress blog. We can get you set up with a premium theme, our favorite page builder, and the plugins you need to succeed. We can train you in how to create posts and customize your theme to make it fit your style. Let us help you get started today. After all, there’s no time like the present.

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